Joaquin Esquer ~ New Sculptures

Fabulous new sculptures by Spanish artist Joaquin Esquer.

OPEN: August 19, 2017
CLOSE: September 28, 2017


A group exhibition on the theme of Water. Including gallery artists Susan Barnes, Nora Borden, Katharine Burns, Sarah Hatton, Patricia Johnston, Elzbieta Krawecka, Lisa Lebofsky, Barbara Milne, Sarah Peterson, Paula Senderowicz, and David Wilson. Opening Reception 2-5 on Saturday August 5, 2017. Artists Katharine Burns and Lisa Lebofsky in attendance.

OPEN: August 4, 2017
CLOSE: August 31, 2017


An encore exhibition of previously successful group shows the gallery has held on the theme of Women. Including artists Shauna Born, Abraham Brewster, Antonella Cinelli, Flavia da Rin, Yury Daraskevitch, Amy Hill, Jason Jenkins, Sophie Jodoin, Maya Kulenovic, Laura Spivak, Terri Thomas, Jason Walker, Rimi Yang, Rodolfo Zagert and others.

OPEN: July 8, 2017
CLOSE: August 1, 2017

Yury Daraskevitch

A pop-up event at a private venue in Miami to exhibit Yury Daraskevitch's latest abstract paintings. Email us for an invite.

OPEN: January 29, 2017
CLOSE: February 21, 2017

By Appointment & By Artsy

The gallery is pleased to announce that it is open by appointment in Pouch Cove and Miami during the winter season with significant inventory in both locations for your viewing pleasure. The gallery is also delighted to announce that over the coming months that it is adding a portion of its inventory of paintings to the international website Artsy, as well as adding fabulous new artists to our stable like Maya Kulenovic (image above). Please follow us on Artsy!

OPEN: January 1, 2017
CLOSE: May 31, 2017

Red Dot Miami

A brand new Red Dot Art Fair under new ownership will host 75 galleries at its venue in the Arts & Entertainment District of Miami, Florida. Our large booth will be right inside the front door. You can't miss us.!!

OPEN: December 1, 2016
CLOSE: December 4, 2016

Lisa Lebofsky ~ Sea Legs

New York artist Lisa Lebofsky presenting her latest oil on aluminum paintings of Newfoundland and the north. We are very excited to host this large body of work by the ever impressive Lebofsky. Come to the opening reception at 14 Gruchy's Hill and meet the artist.

OPEN: September 10, 2016
CLOSE: November 15, 2016

Steve Driscoll

Exciting new work by Canadian painter Steve Driscoll.

OPEN: August 10, 2016
CLOSE: September 15, 2016

Argentina de Nuevo

Exhibiting a group of our Gallery artists based in Argentina , including Juan Astica, Daniel Callori, Federico Colletta, Liliana Fleurquin, Mercedes Villar, Federico Villarino, and Rodolfo Zagert.

OPEN: August 6, 2016
CLOSE: August 26, 2016

Katie Pretti - Oblivion

Fabulous new abstract paintings by Toronto based painter Katie Pretti. We are very excited to host another wonderful show by this very talented artist.

OPEN: July 9, 2016
CLOSE: August 30, 2016

Elzbieta Krawecka ~ Cloud Cover

Exciting new paintings by gallery artist Elzbieta Krawecka based on last summer's adventures on the West Coast of Newfoundland and her trips around the island on Adventure Canada's awesome cruises. Artist will be in attendance for her opening on June 11, 2016. Please join us.

OPEN: June 11, 2016
CLOSE: July 8, 2016

By Appointment

The James Baird Gallery is open by appointment only from January to May 2016. Please call 786-612-7971 should you desire to see some of our fabulous inventory during that period.

OPEN: January 1, 2016
CLOSE: May 5, 2016

Red Dot Fair

James Baird presents Steve Driscoll, Kevin Sonmor, Yury Daraskevitch and Federico Villarino at the Red Dot Art Fair, 1700 NE 2nd Avenue Miami, Florida. Email us for a free VIP pass to the fair.

OPEN: December 2, 2015
CLOSE: December 6, 2015

Women Doing Women

Griselda Alvarez, Sunny Choi, Angela Occhipinti, Nina Surel, and Rimi Yang exhibit their figurative work at Poltrona Frau, in the Miami Design District., Miami, Florida. Image shown is a detail of Nina Surel's large work.

OPEN: November 11, 2015
CLOSE: December 11, 2015

David Wilson ~ Newfoundland Work

New work by gallery artist David Wilson based on his trip to Newfoundland in 2014

OPEN: August 14, 2015
CLOSE: September 10, 2015

Daniel Callori & Liliana Fleurquin

Serendipity played a significant part in this exhibition. A fierce downpour of rain, a gallina, and an empty Monserrat bar, lead me to Daniel Calloris colorful work. While Lilliana Fleurquins patience with my terrible lunfardo permitted me to discover some of her gorgeous black and white mixed media canvases. My sole contribution was believe that the pairing of these two artists would make a good show. I hope you will concur.

OPEN: July 15, 2015
CLOSE: August 1, 2015

Kevin Sonmor

The Gallery is delighted to host a selection of wonderful new paintings by gallery artist Kevin Sonmor. The exhibition is the first in a number of years as the artist has been showing across Canada and in Europe at commercial and public venues. The show opens on Saturday June 20th 2-4 pm. with the artist present. Should you be interested in a preview please contact us.

OPEN: June 20, 2015
CLOSE: July 15, 2015

Appointment Only

Call for an Appointment in Pouch Cove or Buenos Aires.

OPEN: January 1, 2015
CLOSE: May 1, 2015

While the Cats Away.....

While the boss is away I get to have some fun and make deals that he probably would groan about but as he would say it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. If there was a work or artist that you have seen from my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter postings I would love to get it on your walls. Please contact me. Meag Cole at and we will make it happen!!

OPEN: December 1, 2014
CLOSE: December 18, 2014


In the main exhibition space the gallery has organized a show exploring the human figure in contemporary painting. Work from the gallery archives and new paintings from across Canada and the United States. Including Artists: Shauna Born, Abraham Brewster, Angela Grossman, Kris Knight, Jen Mann, Jason Walker and Rimi Yang.

OPEN: October 18, 2014
CLOSE: November 15, 2014

Dimitri Papatheodorou

Gallery artist Dimitri Papatheodorou returns with a new selection of lovely lush layered architecturally based paintings that must be seen in person to be appreciated. Please come have a good look.

OPEN: September 20, 2014
CLOSE: October 15, 2014

Elzbieta Krawecka ~ Fluid Landscape

Another Solo Exhibition on Newfoundland landscapes by Gallery artist Elzbieta Krawecka together with a second room of a selected paintings, a mini retrospective of her paintings.

OPEN: August 23, 2014
CLOSE: September 10, 2014

Juan Astica

Senior Argentine painter Juan Astica exhibiting a selection of works from the past six years in our main gallery space. These paintings represent four different series in the artist's ongoing exploration of color and form. Juan Astica has an extensive national and international exhibition record running over four decades. This is his first Canadian exhibition.

OPEN: August 23, 2014
CLOSE: September 15, 2014

Lisa Lebofsky

New paintings on aluminum and on canvas from New York based gallery artist Lisa Lebofsky from her residencies in Newfoundland and the Far North.

OPEN: July 12, 2014
CLOSE: August 1, 2014

Steve Driscoll

A Steve Driscoll show in the summer! Whoohoo! Its all because Steve wants to see Newfoundland with sunshine in the sky. Please see lovely article in Newfoundland Herald by Wendy Rose on Steve Driscoll and Lisa Lebofsky.

OPEN: July 12, 2014
CLOSE: July 30, 2014

Introducing Sarah Hatton

We are looking forward to the inaugural Newfoundland exhibition of Chelsea, Quebec painter Sarah Hatton. Born in Wolverhampton, UK in 1976, Sarah Hatton completed her BFA at Queens University and received her MFA from the University of Calgary. Her paintings are mental snapshots of a place in time. As soon as the moment becomes past tense, it imprints itself in the mind as black and white: certainty. From that point on, the details of the moment erode, degrade, and memory kicks in. Colours either fade, or become exaggerated

OPEN: May 31, 2014
CLOSE: June 20, 2014

The BIG small Show

Alexandra Baird presents a BIG number of small works from the galleries vaults! Perfect for Xmas gifts or for yourself or others. Artists include David Bolduc, Alejandro Bonzo, Steve Driscoll, Greg Hardy, Michael Haykin, Tom Hopkins, Orlin Mantchev, Alexandre Masino, Katie Vatour, Jennifer Walton, David Wilson and many others. Opening Saturday November 30th, 2-5 pm.

OPEN: November 30, 2013
CLOSE: December 18, 2013

Katie Vautour

Alexandra Baird is pleased to present St. John's based multimedia artist Katie Vatour in her premiere exhibition at James Baird>Pouch Cove. Katie Vautour graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in 2010. Since then, she has worked for a variety of galleries and non-profit arts organizations in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, and has received grants from the New Brunswick Arts Board, the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, and the City of St. John’s. Katie has exhibited her drawings and paintings throughout the Atlantic provinces, and she currently resides and maintains her studio practice in St. John’s. The exhibition opens on Saturday November 2nd from 2-5 pm. at the gallery in Pouch Cove and afterwards by appointment.

OPEN: November 2, 2013
CLOSE: November 19, 2013

By Appointment Only

The gallery will be open by appointment only as the facility will be primarily utilized by artists visiting from around the world participating in the Pouch Cove Foundation residency program. Including painter Federico Villarino, fashionsita Teresa Giarcovich and others from Argentina.

OPEN: October 6, 2013
CLOSE: May 1, 2014

Elzbieta Krawecka

Gallery artist Elzbieta Krawecka returns with another exciting array of new Newfoundland landscape and seascape paintings. We are excited to present another solo show by this accomplished Canadian painter who will be in attendance.

OPEN: August 17, 2013
CLOSE: September 5, 2013

Katie Pretti ~ Bad Dreams

Pretti's works in acrylic, oil stick, oil pastel and graphite on canvas showcase her distinct hand as her figurative abstractions manifest with incredible mark making. On forces of nature, nightmares, dreams of higher consciousness and fantasies of revenge, we are tremendously excited to host an exhibition of her work spanning the past three years. The artist will be present at the opening reception.

OPEN: June 22, 2013
CLOSE: July 19, 2013

Thrush Holmes

We are very excited to present well known Canadian painter Thrush Holmes's first Newfoundland exhibition.

OPEN: May 11, 2013
CLOSE: June 17, 2013

Steve Driscoll

A new year an incredible new Steve Driscoll painting exhibition. To existing friends of the gallery Steve's colourful urethane works need no introduction. We are already fielding requests for previews of the new paintings. No home should be without their own Driscoll!

OPEN: April 20, 2013
CLOSE: May 9, 2013


A reprise of the large successful group exhibition the gallery hosted six years ago on the ever popular theme of WOMAN.

Starring Johan Anderson, Griselda Alvarez, Martin Askholm, Shauna Born, Abraham Brewster, Sunny Choi, Yury Darashkevich, Heyd Fontenot, Gianni Giuliano, Eliza Griffiths, Angela Grossman, Amy Hill, Jason Jenkins, Kris Knight, Maya Kulenovic, Sophie Jodoin, Nola Romano, Jason Walker, Jennifer Walton, Rimi Yang, and Rodolfo Zagert.

OPEN: September 28, 2012
CLOSE: October 28, 2012

Elzbieta Krawecka ~ TWIG

New landscape and seascape paintings of Newfoundland and Labrador by gallery artist Elzbieta Krawecka. The gallery is excited the Elzbieta is returning the province again this year to exhibit her wonderful work with us in Pouch Cove. Artist will be in attendance at the opening.

OPEN: September 7, 2012
CLOSE: September 26, 2012


Flora ~ an exhibition of paintings by gallery artists on the timeless theme of flowers. David Bolduc, Steve Driscoll, Gabryel Harrison, Thrush Holmes and Orlin Mantchev.

OPEN: July 14, 2012
CLOSE: August 5, 2012


Group exhibition including new paintings from gallery artists Steve Driscoll, Michael Haykin, Patricia Johnston, Elzbieta Krawecka, Lisa Lebofsky, Paula Senderwicz and David Wilson as well as work from our archives.

OPEN: June 2, 2012
CLOSE: July 4, 2012

Alan Rankle

Alan Rankle is a British artist, born in Oldham, Lancashire, England in 1952. He studied at Rochdale College, School of Art (1968-70), and Goldsmiths College (1970-73). He is one of the leading artists of his generation to explore social and environmental issues of the day through Landscape Art. His first exhibition, held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, was a multi-media performance/installation based on Chaucers The Pardonners Tale (1973). Since that time he has worked primarily as a painter. Alan currently divides his time between the United Kingdom and Denmark while exhibiting all over Europe. This exhibition will be his first with the gallery and we are certain viewers will be taken with his artistic vision.

OPEN: May 12, 2012
CLOSE: May 30, 2012

Steve Driscoll ~ New Paintings

OPEN: April 3, 2012
CLOSE: April 30, 2012

By Appointment Only

The James Baird space in Pouch Cove will be only by appointment only while the owner travels to the Miami and New York Art Fairs and to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

OPEN: November 19, 2011
CLOSE: May 1, 2012

Elzbieta Krawecka

Work from British Columbia and Newfoundland. One Night Only at Thrush Holmes Empire, Queen Street West (at Dovercourt). 5-12 pm.

OPEN: November 17, 2011
CLOSE: November 17, 2011

Laura Spivak

Buenos Aires based artist Laura Spivak will be exhibiting twelve new paintings to coincide with the launch of her 2012 calendar. These whimsical and provocative paintings caught our sexual imagination when we first saw them. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for those young at heart!

The exhibition will open on Saturday October 8th, 2-5 pm. at 654 Main Road Pouch Cove. Argentine wines will be served and a party to follow. Please come and bring a friend.

OPEN: October 7, 2011
CLOSE: October 26, 2011

By Appointment Only

From October to April I will be out of the country traveling to Buenos Aires and attending the Art Fairs in Miami in December and New York in March. Please contact me by email for quickest response and should you wish to visit Pouch Cove I will be happy to arrange a visit.

OPEN: September 30, 2011
CLOSE: April 8, 2012

Daisuke Takeya

Two simultaneous Daisuke Takeya exhibitions will happen in St. John's this fall. I LOVE YOU, an interactive installation will be provoking pedestrians the length of Water Street and a separate exhibition of his landscape paintings at an as yet undecided location.

OPEN: September 7, 2011
CLOSE: September 25, 2011

Hola Argentina (St. John's)

Introducing five Buenos Aires artists to Canada. Veronica Blejman, Federico Colleta, Veronica di Toro, Pablo Lozano, and Rodolfo Zagert. Five very different painters exhibit for the first time in Canada. Blejman's abstracts are occasionally combined with the figure and text to great effect. Colleta's paintings distill raw color and the single mark great effect. di Toro's paintings are a result of a long and rigorous attention to the effect of color and form. Lozano's whimsical brush is as light as the whisps he paints. Zagert's is a diverse talent and paintings are cultivated from decades of life in Europe. Please come out and enjoy this breath of good air. A variation of this exhibition will be shown in Toronto in October 2011, RECEPTION SUNDAY AUGUST 28th, 2-5 pm., 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove, Newfoundland.

OPEN: August 17, 2011
CLOSE: September 6, 2011

Elzbieta Krawecka ~ Ode to the Sea

A dozen wonderful new paintings of the Newfoundland landscape and seascape by gallery artist Elzbieta Krawecka. Some of the new works are now posted on our web site so please check them out. All are subject to prior sale so if you see a painting you like please do not wait for the opening reception which will take place this summer in Pouch Cove. The exhibition will be held at Bianca's on Water Street. The opening is 5-7 pm. on Friday July 22nd with the artist present. Make an evening of it and join us all dining at Bianca's after the reception.

OPEN: July 21, 2011
CLOSE: August 16, 2011

Introducing Matt Bahen & Katie Pretti

We are delighted to introduce two new painters to our clients. We recently met Matt Bahen again at the New York Art Fairs and were very impressed at how his painting has evolved over the past number of years. The new direction holds great promise for this emerging artist from Toronto. We have been a fan of Katie Pretti's paintings for a number a years and visitors to Pouch Cove will recognize one of her marvelous works right inside the front door. We are excited to be able to exhibit her work in Newfoundland. The exhibition will be held at 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove, NL. Opening reception July 2nd 2-5 pm.

OPEN: June 29, 2011
CLOSE: July 18, 2011

Steve Driscoll

Wonderful new paintings by Toronto based artist Steve Driscoll, his third solo exhibition with the gallery in the last two years. The new work is based on the turbulent ocean water crashing on the shoreline as you can see from the images posted on the gallery web site. The exhibition opening will be held on Saturday June 11th, 3 to 6 pm. at 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove (opposite the D&L Convenience Store). The public are cordially invited to come and enjoy a lovely afternoon next to the ocean. Come meet the artist and see all the new work. Refreshments will be served.

OPEN: June 8, 2011
CLOSE: June 24, 2011


Steve Driscoll in Miami, Florida @ BAKED with Louise Markus, Grant Genova and a host of others. Come on down to 81 NW 24th Street in the middle of all the art fairs.

OPEN: December 1, 2010
CLOSE: December 4, 2010

On Offer

Artists James Bohary, Steve Driscoll, Nicolas Grenier, Elzbieta Krawecka and Annie Thompson have paintings on exhibition at Bianca's, 171 Water Street, St. John's, NL for the winter. The particular paintings change regularly so keep checking the restaurant and bar for new work.

OPEN: November 30, 2010
CLOSE: May 30, 2011

Steve Driscoll ~ New Work

New work by Steve Driscoll will become available during July and August and will be exhibited first on line and then at an opening at Bianca's on Thursday August 26th with the artist in attendance.

OPEN: August 25, 2010
CLOSE: September 14, 2010

Various Artists

Art Work by James Bohary, David Bolduc, Alex Camercon, Mike Hansen, Elzbieta Krawecka, Dimitri Papatheodorou, Kevin Sonmor and Rimi Yang is on display seven days a week. Please contact the gallery by email to arrange a viewing.

OPEN: May 31, 2010
CLOSE: September 29, 2010

David Bolduc (1945-2010)

I am heartbroken that my dear friend and one of my favorite people in the world, David Bolduc died on April 8th in Brockville. Ontario after a brief battle with brain cancer. In addition to being a marvelous artist David was a wonderful person who was a delight to be around as his extensive travels and wide reading filled his conversation with charm and style, intelligence and wit. David taught me much with grace and humor and I already miss him a great deal. The sympathies of my family are extended to his. Blaise, Christopher, Ethan and Alexandre. David's obituary is in the April 23rd issue of the Globe and Mail. A public memorial will be held this fall in Toronto.

OPEN: April 7, 2010
CLOSE: May 30, 2010

Elzbieta Krawecka - Newfoundland Landscapes

New paintings of Newfoundland by accomplished landscape painter Elzbieta Krawecka.

OPEN: November 18, 2009
CLOSE: November 29, 2009

Steve Driscoll - New Work

After the amazing success of Steve Driscoll's book Conversations and accompanying exhibitions in Toronto, Pouch Cove and Copenhagen in 2008. Steve has followed it up with three solo exhibitions in 2009 in Toronto, Vancouver and, in November, Pouch Cove. All the new work has now been posted to the gallery and the artist's web sites and is available for immediate sale.

OPEN: November 18, 2009
CLOSE: November 29, 2009

UNIT 215

Welcome (home!) Unit 215 is located in the "Five-Nine" on Roosevelt" condominium complex. Take a walk through & find yourself in awe over the luxurious features this 1832 square foot mezzanine style condo has to offer. With soaring sixteen foot ceilings, the chrome spindles in the solid hardwood staircase allow you to over look the open concept living and dining rooms from the spacious landing area above. Nestled in the heart of beautiful St. John's Newfoundland, this custom designed chic property is unlike any other you have seen & one you will want to call your home... take a look for yourself and capture the beauty and functionality of unit 215. Check it out at The art in Unit 215 is all available for purchase with the condo and came from James Baird>Pouch Cove and includes artists Suzan Dionne, Steve Driscoll, Dimitri Papatheodorou, Sakis, Kevin Sonmor and Ken Suzana.

OPEN: November 12, 2009
CLOSE: November 18, 2009

David Bolduc

All new Newfoundland work by senior Canadian painter David Bolduc. It has been forty-two years since the artist's first solo exhibition at Toronto's renowned Carmen Lamanna Gallery when the critics declared Bolduc a wunderkind. For the past fifteen years Bolduc and his partner Blaise DeLong have spent most of their year on the Southern Shore near Trepassey. Come see how this time has effected his lyrical abstractions, his poetic still lifes and his fresh landscapes. Opening is from 2-4 pm. Saturday August 29th at 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove. Artist will be in attendance. Some of the images will be posted on the web site over the next couple of weeks.

OPEN: August 28, 2009
CLOSE: September 18, 2009

Dimitri Papatheodorou

Dimitri Papatheodorou brings new work to his building audience of collectors across Canada. Wonderfully subtle architectural studies created by the application of many layers of glazes carefully applied to the surface.

OPEN: June 5, 2009
CLOSE: June 29, 2009


In celebration of the Pouch Cove Foundation's twentieth anniversary of its residency program there will be a rolling exhibition of figurative work from around the world from past, current and future residents. Including Michael Antkowiak, Alison Blickle, Shauna Born, Jim Bourke, Heyd Fontenot, Amanda Hext, Daniel Hughes, Kris Knight, Jason Jenkins, Jennifer Mcrae, Lenny Piroth-Robert, Krista Ropeleski, Ian Shawn, Terri Thomas, Zane Turner, Nicole Vogelzang, Jason Walker, Rimi Yang and many others. The show will display the Human Condition in all its glory and squalor.

OPEN: June 5, 2009
CLOSE: June 29, 2009

By Appointment Only

As is my want I am avoiding the Newfoundland winter in a variety of other warmer places though I may have occasion to return to the Rock. If you wish to see the work on offer in Pouch Cove please call 1 800 563 9100 and it will be arranged for you. Have a super New Year!

OPEN: December 28, 2008
CLOSE: May 29, 2009

Xmas Xtra Xtravaganza

XXXXXXXX ON Offer, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of works of art on special at reduced prices, all in aid of the Pouch Cove Foundation's residency program. All sizes, All price ranges, All wonderful work to enrich your life for years. Come and see! By Appointment Only 709 743 3654

OPEN: December 13, 2008
CLOSE: December 22, 2008

Baird & Company on Niagara

James Baird is pleased to join long time friend magnificent landscape painter Peter Rotter in a joint exhibition at the Niagara Gallery in Toronto, ON. The gallery will be exhibiting new work by senior Canadian artist David Bolduc, figurative work by Los Angeles based Rimi Yang, landscapes by Elzbieta Krawecka and introducing Matt Shane, a Montreal artist who is new to the gallery. Please join us for a wonderful show and great pre-Christmas party.

OPEN: December 3, 2008
CLOSE: December 15, 2008

New Landscapes

In our main gallery space new landscape work from around the world. Norah Borden (CN), Joe Duggan (IE), Elzbieta Krawecka (CN), Greg Pyra (CN, Erica Shuttleworth (CN), Mary Jo Van Dell (US) and others. Available for viewing at 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove, by appointment 709 743 3654

OPEN: November 5, 2008
CLOSE: November 24, 2008

Steve Driscoll - Conversations

To accompany the publication of the book - Steve Driscoll, Conversations - this exhibition will be an exciting new display of his most recent work. There will be a joint exhibition at BK Projects in Copenhagen, Denmark which will also open in October 2008. The artist will be attendance and be featured in a cover story in St. John's arts and entertainment newspaper ~ Current.

OPEN: October 10, 2008
CLOSE: October 29, 2008

Don Maynard & Colm MacCool

Ontario artists Don Maynard and Colm MacCool will be creating separate installations in the gallery's main space and on the Pouch Cove Foundation grounds. Both will be in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation for the month of August. See Don's video below.

OPEN: August 23, 2008
CLOSE: September 18, 2008

KARA - New Paintings by Daisuke Takeya

Japanese for empty Kara is an exhibition of landscape paintings which show large gorgeous skies over various cities.

OPEN: August 23, 2008
CLOSE: September 18, 2008

Gallery Artists

A variety of paintings from the gallery's archives and new from the gallery's artists studios including some work from the latest artists in residence. Elzbieta Krawecka's work reproduced on this page.

OPEN: June 14, 2008
CLOSE: June 29, 2008

Orlin Mantchev - Land Meets Water

Since his arrival in Canada from Bulgaria over fifteen years ago James Baird has been exhibiting the incredibly talented painter Orlin Mantchev. The artist's technical virtuosity is matched by his creative invention. Orlin has shown consistently across the United States, Canada and in Europe. On Saturday February 23rd from 2-5 pm. James Baird presents a small exhibition of paintings entitled Land Meets Water by Orlin Mantchev at the Delong Gallery space at 965 College Street (at Dovercourt). For further information please call 1 800 563 9100.

OPEN: February 22, 2008
CLOSE: February 29, 2008

Dimitri Papatheodorou

Artist, Sculptor, Architect, Musician ~ Dimitri Papatheodorou is all these things and what is more, he does them all exceedingly well. James Baird is pleased to present a suite of recent works by Dimitri Papatheodorou at the Delong Gallery space at 965 College Street,(at Dovercourt)Toronto on Saturday, February 16th from 2-5 pm. and by appointment the following week. For further information please call 1 800 563 9100

OPEN: February 15, 2008
CLOSE: February 21, 2008

By Appointment Only

James Baird>Pouch Cove will be on the road from December 13th through the begining of March and is available in Pouch Cove by appointment only. James Baird>Toronto will have two small solo exhibitions by Dimitri Papatheodoru and Orlin Mantchev in February. Details to be posted in January. Check out the Pouch Cove Foundation web site for details on the February 28th, 2008 fundraising auction at the DeLeon White Gallery in Toronto, ON. Have a great holiday season.

OPEN: December 12, 2007
CLOSE: May 30, 2008

David Marshak

Just back from another tour of the high arctic and a circumnavigation of Newfoundland Dave Marshak will be exibiting a new body of paintings of Newfoundland and Labrador. On Saturday December 8th starting at 6 pm. there will be an openig reception and celebration of Dave's work at 654 Main Road, Pouch Cove followed by a marvelous party. Please come and share a good time and get the holidays off to a glorious start. All are welcome.

OPEN: December 7, 2007
CLOSE: December 12, 2007

Elzbieta Krawecka

Elzbieta Krawecka will be having her fourth solo exhibition at the gallery this fall exhibiting a whole new body of landscape paintings. Elzbieta will be in residence in Pouch Cove for the month of October.

OPEN: October 27, 2007
CLOSE: November 23, 2007

Heyd Fontenot

Work by Austin, Texas based artist Heyd Fontenot will be on exhibition in the main space. Heyd has been the artist in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation for several months creating a new body of work especially for this exhibition. For more information on the artist please go to

OPEN: October 27, 2007
CLOSE: November 23, 2007

Patrick deCoste

Toronto-based painter Patrick deCoste will be having his first solo exhibition at the Gallery after a sixty day residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation. We are excited by Patrick's new work and invite everyone to come to the opening.

OPEN: October 27, 2007
CLOSE: November 23, 2007

Gallery Artists

Work by Catherine Beaudette, Aleks Rdest, Kevin Sonmor, Pearl Van Geest, and Rimi Yang will be on display.

OPEN: August 31, 2007
CLOSE: October 22, 2007

Catherine Beaudette- Mushrooming

Duntara, Bonavista Bay artist Catherine Beaudette's series of paintings based on her fascination with mushrooms and ancient artifacts is the first exhibition for James Baird>Pouch Cove for the 2007 year. Originally scheduled for late 2006 it was decided to postpone the show for the summer to allow more people to enjoy the artist's delight in creation of this work. Please some out to the opening reception on Sunday July 29th, 2-4 pm. There is a parallel exhibition at James Baird>Flower Studio, 124 Military Road, St. John's which opens on Thursday, July 26, 6-8 pm. All are welcome.

OPEN: July 28, 2007
CLOSE: August 23, 2007

Debra Goertz- New Work

New York painter Debra Goertz will be an artist in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation for two months prior to her figurative painting exhibition. For more information on the artist go to

OPEN: July 28, 2007
CLOSE: August 23, 2007

Pearl Van Geest

In our main exhibition space, a solo exhibition of new abstract paintings by Guelph, Ontario artist Pearl Van Geest during her Pouch Cove Foundation residency in 2007. There is a parallel exhibition also at James Baird>Flower Studio, 124 Military Road, St. John's, NL.

OPEN: July 28, 2007
CLOSE: August 23, 2007

Robert Clarke-Davis

Robert Clarke-Davis has been photographing his way around Newfoundland for seven years while being artist in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation and the Gros Morne artist retreat operated by Parks Canada. His particular vision of the province and its people is significantly different from the images the Department of Tourism would offer to the world. Clarke's low key, humanistic approach focuses on the unique individuals, communities, and environment which compose our daily milieu. Please check out for Clarke's blog and images.

OPEN: June 30, 2007
CLOSE: July 26, 2007

Rona Rangsch

The Gallery is pleased to announce ICE'N'SKIES an installation of collages of digital photography by German artist Rona Rangsch who will be in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation for April and May 2007. To view the artist's previous work please visit ____Opening reception Sunday July 1st, 2007, 2-4 pm.

OPEN: June 30, 2007
CLOSE: July 26, 2007

Waxing Eloquent

Independent curator Angela Antle and the Pouch Cove Foundation present Waxing Eloquent, an exhibition of contemporary encaustic painting. Artists include Eric Blum, Nicole Collins, Cheryl Coon, Aganetha Dyck, Raphaelle Goethals, Timothy McDowell, Tony Scherman, and Maggie Simonelli. Cheryl Coon and Aganethea Dyck will be in residence at the Pouch Cove Foundation. Opening Reception Sunday, June 3rd, 2007, 2-4 pm. But this exhibition was ripped off by Shauna McCabe and The Rooms Corporation and a pale imitation shown there and the residencies cancelled.

OPEN: May 31, 2007
CLOSE: June 29, 2007

Brian Kipping

It is with a heavy heart that we learnt of the death of our friend, Brian Kipping on Sunday April 1, 2007 after a two year fight with cancer. Brian was 53 years old and is survived by his partner Sue Chater. A memoriam service will be held on Friday, April 6th in Toronto. The proceeds of the sale of his painting at the Pouch Cove Foundation's auction in Toronto this month will go towards the establishment of an endowment in his name at the Foundation to fund residencies by mid-career painters.

OPEN: March 31, 2007
CLOSE: March 31, 2007

Aleks Rdest- New Work

Recent transplant from Toronto painter Aleks Rdest has a new body of free floating color forms in luminous colors on exhibition at James Baird > Flower Studio, 124 Military Road, from March 11, until April 7, 2007. Opening reception Sunday March 11 2-4 pm. general public welcome. More information on the artist available at also see the March issue of CURRENT and CBC TV's Living in NL program.

OPEN: March 10, 2007
CLOSE: April 6, 2007

Dimitri Papatheordorou-New Works

Architect and painter Dimitri Papatheodorou will be exhibiting his latest paintings based on contemporary architectural interiors. These ethereal works have an other world feel about them while remains accurate representations of our urban environment. Opening Reception Sunday, November 5, 2006, 2-4 pm. Dimitri Papatheodorou is a Toronto-based architect and painter (and composer), whose exhibition at 1313, Encounters, has apparently inspired by the architecturally scaled works (the Torqued Ellipses, in particular) of American sculptor Richard Serra. It's not easy, especially at first, to see the links between Papatheodorou's delicate, ethereally painted pictures (you'd swear they were photographs) and the huge, sweaty Serra sculptures -- big Faustian bendings of heavy Cor-Ten steel. But, as Papatheodorou points out in his gallery statement, Serra's work is "all about the close encounter between artifact and viewer" and notes that Serra "does with sculpture what I want to do with painting." This is quite impossible, of course, and Papatheodorou's extremely deft and delicate works could not be more removed from the spirit of Serra's strenuous, Paul-Bunyan-esque, space-bending energies. What they do well, however, is to depict a lovely, veiled light falling softly into the picture space. For me, they make a better tribute to Le Corbusier's famous Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamps, France, than they do to any Tilted Arc or Torqued Ellipse you can imagine.

OPEN: November 4, 2006
CLOSE: November 29, 2006


In the main exhibition space the gallery has organized a show exploring the human figure in contemporary painting. Some of the artists included in this exhibition are Shauna Born (CN), Abraham Brewster (US), Patrick de Coste (CN), Heyd Fontenot (US), Debra Goertz (US), Nicolas Grenier (CN), Daniel Hughes (CN), Jason Jenkins (CN), Steve Mckenzie (UK), Ben Pinkney (CN), Gayle Ryon (CN), Daisuke Takeya (CN), Terri Thomas (US) and Jason Walker (CN). Opening Reception Sunday November 5, 2006, 2-4 pm.

OPEN: November 4, 2006
CLOSE: November 29, 2006

Abraham Brewster- New Work

New York based figurative painter Abraham Brewster's wonderful new art, some of which is a result of a residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation.

OPEN: August 26, 2006
CLOSE: September 27, 2006

Harold Klunder - Four Decades

Senior Canadian painter Harold Klunder has been exhibiting his work across Canada for over forty years. It has been collected by virtually every public gallery in the country, with the National Gallery of Canada acquiring several important paintings over the painter's illustrious career.______This exhibition will be a unique sampling of Harold Klunder's work from each of those four decades which have been drawn from the artist's own archives.____ James Baird>Pouch Cove is very excited to be able to provide the public with a rare opportunity to see these classic paintings. OPENING RECEPTION SATURDAY JULY 8, 2006, 2-4 pm.

OPEN: July 7, 2006
CLOSE: September 22, 2006

Julie Ruth

Julie Ruth visited Newfoundland in 2004 and her paintings caught something of this special place which we had never seen before. The Pouch Cove Foundation invited her back for a second residency which will culminate in this exhibition.

OPEN: June 3, 2006
CLOSE: June 29, 2006

Water 3

James Baird>Pouch Cove presents the third edition of the successful WATER exhibition. A significant group exhibition which will include gallery artists Greg Hardy, Daniel Hughes, Brian Kipping, Elzbieta Krawecka, Samantha Krukowski, David Marshak, Brent McIntosh and introducing Sarah Peterson, Peter Rotter and Gayle Ryon, the exhibition includes a previously unexhibited large painting by the late Anne Meredith Barry.

OPEN: June 3, 2006
CLOSE: June 29, 2006

Mike Hansen- Works on Paper

Toronto-based multi media artist Mike Hansen has been such a frequent visitor to the Pouch Cove Foundation's residency program that he acquired a home in Kingman's (Fermeuse) to prolong his visits to Newfoundland. This exhibition displays some of his Newfoundland work from the past decade, including encaustic collage and mixed media work on paper.

OPEN: April 30, 2006
CLOSE: May 29, 2006

Young Toronto Painters

HOT HOT HOT Young Toronto Painters come to Pouch Cove An exciting new exhibition of the diverse styles of the big city! These young artists, some of whom will be in the residency program for the month of April, bring a whole new vibe to the province. Their energy, spirit and enthuasism is amply demonstrated in the paintings they created specifically for thie exhibition. Come see tomorrows art stars today. Sarah Hillock, Dionne Simpson, Aleks Rdest and Nicole Vogelzang.

OPEN: April 30, 2006
CLOSE: May 29, 2006

By Appointment Only

New Place, New Name, New Logo, New Phone Number, New Mailing Address New email address.......................... James Baird>Pouch Cove................... 14 Gruchy's Hill, Pouch Cove P.O.Box 693, Pouch Cove, NL A0A 3L0 709 335 7377 phone 709 335 7378 fax ............................ From January to March 2006 we will be open by appointment only, please call Angela Sargent at 709 727 0777 to arrange same............... See You in April!

OPEN: December 31, 2005
CLOSE: March 30, 2006

Elzbieta Krawecka- New Work

This is the third exhibition of Elzbieta Krawecka's work that the James Baird Gallery has had the pleasure of hosting at the Duckworth Street gallery. The first exhibition was of doors that the artist discovered in her extensive travels in Europe and North Africa, the second exhibition's images was more landscape based imagery along with larger works of the sky. Elzbieta's latest works are now available on line on the gallery site. For more information about the artist go to

OPEN: November 17, 2005
CLOSE: December 9, 2005

Kevin Sonmor

New work from Kevin Sonmor's first summer in his new studio in Newfoundland, Combined with a selection of large work from the early to mid 1990s that were previously exhibited at OK Harris in New York City.

OPEN: October 22, 2005
CLOSE: November 16, 2005

Olivier Longpre - The Erotic Work

Olivier Longpre has been acclaimed for his figurative work in his native Quebec, but his erotic paintings add a whole new dimension to his ouevre. This exhibition is not for the timid.

OPEN: October 22, 2005
CLOSE: November 16, 2005

Orlin Mantchev

New Work by the Bulgarian born, Toronto based, multi-talented artist, Orlin Mantchev. The work will be created from his current residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation. The image reproduced here is a self portrait from the I AM exhibition.

OPEN: October 22, 2005
CLOSE: November 16, 2005

I AM- Self Portraits- A Tribute To Lynn Donoghue

Over Fifty Canadian artists are participating in this exhibition of artists' self-portraits.

OPEN: September 22, 2005
CLOSE: November 15, 2005


Sheila Gregory's colourful eighty foot long painting FLIP can be arranged in multiple configurations and will be the focus of this exhibition. The artist's more recent work will complete this vibrant show. The exhibition will be the first in the Pouch Cove Foundation's new space in Pouch Cove, twenty minutes North of St. John's. At the opening the participants in the Foundation's residency program will be holding an open house.

OPEN: August 20, 2005
CLOSE: September 19, 2005

Jason Jenkins- Departure

Young Newfoundland Painter Jason Jenkin's exhibition of oil paintings of St. John's women prior to his departure to Montreal to seek fame and fortune. This show will be held in the stage gallery at the Pouch Cove Foundation, Gruchy's Hill, Pouch Cove. The opening will be Sunday, August 21st, 2-4 pm with the artist in attendance.

OPEN: August 20, 2005
CLOSE: September 18, 2005

David Bolduc- Paintings 1971-1977

From the artist's personal collection of work we have selected eight pieces for this exhibition which will show David Bolduc's evolving style from the 1970s. This senior Canadian artist who resides in outport Newfoundland for much of the year is extensively represented in the collections of most public art institutions across Canada.

OPEN: August 4, 2005
CLOSE: August 30, 2005


Horticulture; The Representation of Nature in Art Artists: Jamie Evrard, Leslie Finlayson, Elene Gamache, Jennifer Hornyak, Kent Monkman and David Bolduc

OPEN: June 16, 2005
CLOSE: July 5, 2005

Good in Bed: Sex, Eroticism and Pornography

Sex and sexuality represented by new work of Jill Ahlstrand, Barbara Cole, Andrea Cooper, Rosemary Cosentino, Gary Michael Dault, brian donnelly, Sandra Dupret, Elaine Excoffier, Jim Farley, Gianni Giuliano, Mike Hansen, Jason Jenkins, Sophie Jodoin, Mayumi Lake, Olivier Longpre, Scott MacLeod, Vivian Pedley, Lenny Piroth-Robert,Mona Shahid, and Daisuke Takeya

OPEN: May 19, 2005
CLOSE: June 14, 2005

La Raza

Francis Caprani, Scott McLeod & Gerald Pedros are the La Raza Group This exhibition will be work produced during their residency at the Pouch Cove Foundation, April 2005.

OPEN: April 28, 2005
CLOSE: May 17, 2005

David Marshak and Vlad Grospic

Newfoundland Work by David Marshak and New work by Vlad Grospic

OPEN: April 7, 2005
CLOSE: April 26, 2005

Works on Paper

The James Baird Gallery is pleased to present a selection of its fine collection of Works on Paper.

OPEN: January 7, 2005
CLOSE: January 30, 2005

Jason Jenkins and Vivian Pedley

Introducing Jason Jenkins, a Newfoundland artist's first exhibition of figurative paintings concentrating on the female nude. London (UK) based Vivian Pedley's paintings combine the figure and text to a delighful end. All these works were produced in a Pouch Cove Foundation residency in the early fall 2004.

OPEN: December 16, 2004
CLOSE: January 6, 2005

Landscape III

OPEN: November 18, 2004
CLOSE: December 13, 2004

Ils Sont 19 du Quebéc

OPEN: October 21, 2004
CLOSE: November 16, 2004

James Bohary, New Works

"Bohary's paintings are empirical, but rather than working from direct perception, he extracts and distills a combination of memories that have their genesis in the landscape. His sources are as far reaching as the city of New York and the beaches of Puerto Rico..."
(New York Times)

OPEN: September 29, 2004
CLOSE: October 19, 2004

Mike Hansen - New Work

As always, multi-talented, multi-faceted artist Mike Hansen always delights and surprises with delightful and intelligent new work.

OPEN: September 6, 2004
CLOSE: September 29, 2004

Suzan Dionne New Paintings

New York based painter Suzan Dionne's new abstract paintings on exhibition.

OPEN: September 6, 2004
CLOSE: September 28, 2004

Dusk - New works by David Marshak

Oil Paintngs of St. John's at dusk
Opening Reception August 20, 5-7
James Baird Gallery

OPEN: August 19, 2004
CLOSE: September 5, 2004

Here and Back - An Exhibition Curated by Robert Clarke-Davis

"The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are."
- Samuel Johnson
The James Baird Gallery presents:

Here and Back
An exhibition curated by Robert Clarke-Davis.

Six Canadian artists visit the United States:
Dan Ahorn
Shannon Stratton
Lisa Stinner
Betsy Rosenwald
Chad Gerth
Jason Dunda

Opening reception Friday July 30, from 5-7 pm
Show runs through until August 20th

OPEN: July 29, 2004
CLOSE: August 19, 2004

Traveling Light

James Baird Gallery Presents:Traveling Light

Curated by Virginia Eichhorn June 30, 5-7 pm, 221 Duckworth Street, St. John's, NL

We invite you to investigate how these artists have traveled light

Doug Buis, Catherine Kozyra, Agata Ostrawska, ryanbarrett and Paul Walde

typewriter, broken glass, camera, iceberg, computer, mirror, water, crushed stone, mouse traps, lobster trap, sap, light, land,

Each artist reacts to the Pouch Cove environment where the art works were made over the past month. They arrived with very little and now have a visual festival created with works made with various materials such as crushed stone, or mouse traps. This diverse dialogue with the landscape of Newfoundland, the chosen materials of each artist, and the off beat sensibilities each artist makes for a show not to miss.

"As with any excursion or pilgrimage there are implicit questions that predate the departure. What to Bring. What one expects to find on arrival. There are imagined images of what the foreign land and light will reveal and musing upon how that will influence the artists work..."Virginia Eichhorn

Also see some sight specific works in Pouch Cove

OPEN: June 29, 2004
CLOSE: July 26, 2004

Caroline deMooy and Marie de Sousa

Whats your Hurry?

Two artists explore the pace of life at very different speeds.

deMooy gets down to a cellular level with abstract but strangely familiar popping patterns and shapes crisply forming strange inward landscapes. They are slow and contemplative and at the same time like quick, witty visual formulas for surviving the complexities of our daily existence.

de Sousa depicts moving landscape that is slowed down. She toys with how we actually contemplate our daily existence and the reality of that is a blurred image. Her images pause and cause us to pause as well.

Please contact me if you require any further information.

OPEN: June 5, 2004
CLOSE: June 28, 2004

120 Volts and a Can of Propane

Coming soon to a gallery near you, something completely different, the wild west comes east with fresh new works, hot out of Pouch Cove, 120 Volts & a Can of Propane, Steve Driscoll and Sakis.

Both artists are currently working out of the Pouch Cove Foundation residency, Sakis in Encaustics, Steve in Urethane, and they've put together an unusual set of new works especially for this show.

120 Volts & a Can of Propane will run from May 7th until June 4th.

OPEN: May 6, 2004
CLOSE: June 3, 2004

Elzbieta Krawecka and David Marshak

This will be an exhibition of new landscapes by well known international artists Elzbieta Krawecka and David Marshak. Elzbieta's newest work involves powerful views of brooding Newfoundland skies and ocean vistas, characterised by deep rich colours, lush textures, and glimmers of optimistic sunlight through the clouds. David's recent efforts also explore the majesty and vastness of nature, but his bright colours and sunny views are reminiscent of a summer hike, grounded on the mountains and in the streams, always looking skyward.

OPEN: April 15, 2004
CLOSE: May 5, 2004


Twenty artists from ten countries explore the subject that is WOMAN. Monica Alder, Martin Askholm, Anrea Cooper, Brian Craig-Wankiri, Tomasz Domanski, Gianni Giuliano, Daniel Hughes, Sophie Jodoin, Bonnie Lewis, Olivier Longpre, Margot Oomen, Lenny Piroth-Robert, James Rosen, Dan Stepp, Dave Simon, Daisuke Takeya, Jason Walker, Janet Werner Poster available!

OPEN: November 2, 2003
CLOSE: November 25, 2003

Abstract Painting- Colour, Surface, Object

Recent abstract painting from gallery artists.

OPEN: October 2, 2003
CLOSE: October 25, 2003

The Remembered Landscape

OPEN: August 21, 2003
CLOSE: September 14, 2003


OPEN: July 17, 2003
CLOSE: August 16, 2003


OPEN: June 19, 2003
CLOSE: June 14, 2003


OPEN: May 22, 2003
CLOSE: June 16, 2003

Conrad Furey

OPEN: April 24, 2003
CLOSE: May 19, 2003

Thaddeus Holownia

OPEN: February 6, 2003
CLOSE: February 27, 2003

Elzbieta Krawecka & Patrice Stanley

OPEN: December 4, 2002
CLOSE: December 30, 2002

Points of Reference- Jordan Broadworth, Christopher Moore, Sakis

Young Ontario painters Jordan Broadworth, Christopher Moore and Sakis present new abstract work in oil, acrylic and encaustic. See Advertisement in Canadian Art!

OPEN: November 7, 2002
CLOSE: November 29, 2002

Orlin Mantchev

OPEN: October 24, 2002
CLOSE: November 6, 2002

Scattered Seeds- Bulgarian Artists

OPEN: October 3, 2002
CLOSE: October 23, 2002

David Bolduc- Biscay Bay

OPEN: September 8, 2002
CLOSE: September 29, 2002

James Bohary

OPEN: July 24, 2002
CLOSE: August 13, 2002


OPEN: July 3, 2002
CLOSE: July 23, 2002

Duncan deKergommeaux- Vanishing Icons

OPEN: June 11, 2002
CLOSE: June 29, 2002

Cass Reimer A Female Poke the Fire

OPEN: May 8, 2002
CLOSE: May 29, 2002

Nasco Pelev Earthly Delights

OPEN: May 8, 2002
CLOSE: May 29, 2002

Route 20- Pouch Cove Show

OPEN: March 1, 2002
CLOSE: March 29, 2003

Animalia- Charlotte Jones & David Morrish

OPEN: February 20, 2002
CLOSE: March 14, 2002

beauty rest - Mike Hansen

OPEN: January 9, 2002
CLOSE: February 11, 2002

Manfred Buchheit- Terra Nova

OPEN: November 18, 2001
CLOSE: December 9, 2001

Thaddeus Holownia - Ironworks

OPEN: October 21, 2001
CLOSE: November 14, 2001

The Convincing Lie- Juried Exhibition

OPEN: September 30, 2001
CLOSE: October 19, 2001

Trepassey: Trisections & Parallelograms

OPEN: September 9, 2001
CLOSE: September 27, 2001

Kevin Sonmor

OPEN: August 15, 2001
CLOSE: September 6, 2001

Suzan Dionne

OPEN: August 15, 2001
CLOSE: September 6, 2001

Michael Smith & Lorraine Simms

OPEN: July 14, 2001
CLOSE: August 14, 2001

Robert Cadotte- New Work

OPEN: June 9, 2001
CLOSE: June 29, 2001

Waiting For Your Tongue

OPEN: May 5, 2001
CLOSE: May 28, 2001

Bill Rose -- Come And Get It Baby

OPEN: October 4, 2000
CLOSE: October 25, 2000

Don Foulds - Sculpture

OPEN: January 31, 1999
CLOSE: January 31, 1999

Mike Hansen - New Work

OPEN: December 3, 1998
CLOSE: December 29, 1998

Roly Fenwick- Newfoundland Watercolours

OPEN: October 21, 1998
CLOSE: November 11, 1998

Four Artists- Four Women (Eaton, Stead, Webb, Woods)

OPEN: September 16, 1998
CLOSE: October 14, 1998

Border Crossing- An Exhibition curated by Joan Backes

OPEN: July 7, 1998
CLOSE: August 4, 1998

Collins, Davidson, Gregory, Ristvedt

OPEN: May 20, 1998
CLOSE: June 14, 1998

Joe Fleming/Les Sasaki- New Paintings

OPEN: April 22, 1998
CLOSE: May 16, 1998

ONO- Or Nearest Offer

OPEN: March 23, 1998
CLOSE: April 14, 1998

Barbara Milne

OPEN: February 11, 1998
CLOSE: March 19, 1998

Valerie Metz Landscape and Memory: Photomontages

OPEN: January 7, 1998
CLOSE: February 5, 1998

Bill Rose New Paintings

OPEN: July 5, 1996
CLOSE: July 30, 1996

Harold Klunder Newfoundland Paintings

OPEN: May 6, 1995
CLOSE: May 30, 1995

Bill Rose -- Half A Million Dots

OPEN: January 7, 1995
CLOSE: January 30, 1995

Five Bulgarian Artists

OPEN: December 31, 1994
CLOSE: December 31, 1994

Bill Rose - Boys Will Be Boys

OPEN: June 8, 1993
CLOSE: June 29, 1993

Oil Paintings by Newfoundland Artists

OPEN: February 28, 1993
CLOSE: March 29, 1993

From the Rock

OPEN: December 31, 1992
CLOSE: December 31, 1992

No Fish & Our Lives

OPEN: December 31, 1992
CLOSE: December 31, 1992

Teresa Cullen

OPEN: December 31, 1992
CLOSE: December 31, 1992

Orlin Mantchev Paintings and Drawings

OPEN: September 16, 1992
CLOSE: November 5, 1992

James H. Miller

OPEN: November 30, 1991
CLOSE: December 19, 1991

Bill Rose -- So It Goes

OPEN: November 5, 1991
CLOSE: November 29, 1991

OPEN: December 31, 1969
CLOSE: December 31, 1969

OPEN: December 31, 1969
CLOSE: December 31, 1969

OPEN: December 31, 1969
CLOSE: December 31, 1969

OPEN: December 31, 1969
CLOSE: December 31, 1969